2003年結成。2006年自主レーベル"GAL"を設立。これまでに4枚のアルバムを発表。その音楽性はエレクトロ・ミュージックやヒップホップ、ハードコア、ポップス等の要素やアティテュードを内包しながら、どこにも属さないサウンドとグルーヴを確立している。活動初期から国内外の様々なアーティストとの共演を重ね、日本全国の大型フェスにも多数の出演歴を誇る。(FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL/BAYCAMP/RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL/COUNTDOWN JAPAN等)
4thアルバム「MAP」収録 "EYE" のMVが文化庁メディアアート芸術祭新人賞/アジアデジタルアート大賞展優秀賞を受賞。音楽シーンだけに留まらず、グラフィックから映像作品に至るまで、各界のクリエイターと呼応した自由で多彩な活動にも注目が集まる。

group _inou is a Japanese duo formed in 2003 by imai(Composer) and cp(MC).
The duo have released 4 albums on their own label "GAL" that was established in 2006. imai's electribe manipulation combines fantastic melody with absolute chaos, the tunes get the crowd enthused and amped just in a moment. Moving around the stage, cp demonstrates vocal and MC in various styles and perform the perfect interaction with words and the tunes sometimes emotionally, sometimes humorous. group_inou has its own sound and groove that are original and beyond genre, containing different types of features and attitudes ranging from electro, hip-hop, hardcore, pops and so on. Since the beginning of their career, group_inou has been playing with many artists worldwide and has performed at huge festivals throughout Japan such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, BAYCAMP, RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL and COUNTDOWN JAPAN.
The duo won the New Face Award at Japan Media Arts Festival and the Awards for Excellence at The Asia Digital Arts Awards for their music video of the track "EYE" from the 4th album "MAP". group_inou's artistic activity is not only in music scene but in graphic arts and video works, collaborating with numerous creators and their free and creative works have been more successful and spotlighted in every field.

2003年組成。2006年成立自主廠牌“GAL”。截至目前為止已發行4張專輯。操縱著electribe,如夢境般的旋律與激烈的渾沌結合瞬間讓全場沸騰的TRACK與在舞台上自信滿滿的邊走動,有時很激烈、有時玩著幽默的字眼結合的歌曲與RAP。他們的音樂性包含著電子、嘻哈、硬蕊、流行等要素與態度,確立著他們不被限制於哪種類型之組合的特點。活動初期與國內外各式音樂人共演之外,更有著登上無數次日本全國的各種大型音樂祭的誇耀演出成績。(FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL/BAYCAMP/RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL/COUNTDOWN JAPAN等)
他們的第四張專輯『MAP』當中所收錄的"EYE"的MV更得到日本文化廳MEDIA ART藝術祭新人賞/ASIA DIGITAL ART AWARD優秀賞不止音樂,從平面到影像作品,與各界的創作者一同和合作,自由豐富的活動受到大家的注目。